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“I hired Ashish to sell my company, a cloud-based CRM solution for manufacturing companies, during a very bad downturn in the economy. He did a fantastic job in communicating our vision and the value of our company to many potential buyers. His ability to find and communicate synergies resulted in a successful sale for us.

Ashish communicated very realistic expectations about our prospects and about the marketplace. While we went through a very difficult period, he worked tirelessly. When we finally closed the deal, our expectations had been met and we were extremely happy with the overall process.

Ashish did an excellent job in prioritizing our time while on conference calls. He was extremely well organized and gave us information in such a way that helped us all to make decisions and progress. He listened to our concerns extremely well and always helped us to take the best path forward.

Ashish is an extremely good listener. He built a good rapport with all of the prospective buyers. We felt that all of these buyers were extremely well informed and receptive to our message when we met with them – most of this was due to Ashish’s efforts in communicating and preparing them for us.

Ashish provided us with very detailed reports and constantly kept us informed of all new developments. When we arrived at the final deal, we definitely felt that he had left no stone unturned.”

Gordon Hartogensis, Co-Founder, Auric Technology

“I utilized Ashish’s services to facilitate the sale of my company to a multinational corporation. At all times he showed that he was a consummate professional and took every effort to ensure that all of my needs were met, all questions answered, and insured that the sale transaction was a success.”

Bruce Bonar, Founder, Medi-Tech Transcriptions

“I had the pleasure of working with Ashish and Next Bridge in an assignment that he had to sell a multinational company with multiple owners. He was very professional in both his written communications and working with him personally. His write up on the company was extensive and effectively communicated the clients value proposition. In working together we were able to help achieve the client’s goal of selling part of their company. Based on that positive experience, I am now currently working with Ashish on another assignment. Thanks.”

Blake Taylor, Managing Director, Synergy Business Brokers

“Ashish was very effective at extracting the detailed information necessary to craft a project approach and scope that examined a full range of alternative solutions. He proposed a number of ideas and strategies that we would never have come up with on our own, and ultimately his suggestions helped us resolve a stock ownership transition challenge that had stumped the company leadership.”

Michael Knopf, Former CEO, Quad Knopf Inc

“All throughout this assignment, Ashish was accessible to us day or night. He completed his work within the very tight schedule we had established and communicated with us constantly to verify his background facts and assumptions. On completion, Ashish presented a detailed plan that contained a series of five key recommendations. To his credit, all five recommendations were accepted by our Board of Directors without amendment.”

Janel Freeman, CFO, Quad Knopf Inc

James Maisel, Founder and CEO, ZyDoc Medical Transcription LLC

“Next Bridge Advisors helped me sell my stake in the software company that I had co founded. Michael and Ashish from Next Bridge Advisors worked on my case.

They developed the marketing material and the financial information deck. They worked diligently to find buyers from across the globe. They stuck with us through the ups and downs till we found a buyer. We also found NextBridgeAdvisors very helpful in negotiating the purchase documents and navigating the legal terms.

I highly recommend Next Bridge Advisors and will be glad to work with them again.”

Name withheld for confidentiality reasons

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