Get Valuation Tool

Enter your email address and industry below to receive a custom Excel-based valuation model that will enable you to calculate valuation by two methods:

  1. Comparables Analysis We will provide you with data on completed business sales for other firms in your industry.  When you input data on your company, the model will output a valuation based on statistics on those comparable transactions.
  2. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis.  We will provide you with a simple P&L projection model that will help you predict the cash flows your business might generate in future years.  It will also help you determine, based on financial principles, how much to discount your future years’ cash flows.  Based on that, it will estimate your firm’s valuation.

The above two methods will allow you to make a ballpark estimate of the fair market value of your business.


    If you would like a more rigorous valuation, Next Bridge Advisors conducts a valuation for all of its clients. In addition, we offer a standalone valuation service for $1,000 to $3,000.
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