M&A Advisory

Optimal Auctions & Deal Structures

M&A Advisory

Optimal Auctions & Deal Structures

01Your three-year exit plan

Passing the baton might require collaborating with your buyer for several years.

02Why M&A advisory: Options for selling a business

Select a transaction mechanism, understand structure options, and know the buyer categories.

03Selling your company to an employee

Achieve a higher sale price by selling to an employee, but take these precautions.

M&A Advisory Services Custom to Your Needs

Given your goals and business type, we design a tailored approach to selling your business or equity.

For each transaction, the reason the acquirer is buying a firm or equity differs.  It may be a desire for stable cash flow, an opportunity for revenue growth, or the ultimate step in their career.  Therefore, each business warrants a different

Pitch on Key Value Drivers
Target Acquirer List
Transaction Mechanism
Deal Structure

What is your business’s valuation?

Get a free custom valuation tool. We will ask you a few questions and then provide you with a personalized Excel file allowing you to calculate your business’s valuation under different assumptions.

The 13-Step Valuation

Learn to do a DIY valuation that accounts for your business’s idiosyncrasies.

Watch this 5-minute video if you want to do better than simply applying a multiple to seller’s discretionary earnings. Open a blank Excel file to make the most of the video.


Sell by Auction to Maximize Wealth

Let’s explore the pros and cons of selling a business by auction.

Selling a business by auction requires more forethought and planning than selling real estate by auction.  However, the value of receiving the best deal possible from your set of interested acquirers is tremendous.

How Do I Know My Buyer Is Qualified?

“Problem: Sometimes sellers miss out on qualified buyers because they select a buyer who overstated their financing ability or inexplicably loses interest after signing a non-binding letter of intent.”