About Us

Our goal is for every business to be owned by the people able to maximize its value. That has led us to do things differently:-

  • Our pool of buyers is as large as possible because we pay other advisory firms to refer buyers to us.  
  • We help our clients explore alternate business sale structures that optimally align interests between buyer and seller.  This grows our buyer pool and increases sale price.
  • We apply the economics of mechanism design to implement auctions.  These mechanisms automate the negotiation process by incentivizing buyers to be honest about their valuations and their interests.
  • In business sale contracts, we implement a method of dispute resolution called expert determination. This keeps the buyer and seller honest, which is a necessity.
  • Honesty and supporting decisions with logic are our most important values.

All of these reasons are why we have sold a business for 13.75 times its owner's discretionary earnings.

Over the past 12 years, We have learned that it is a mistake to sell a business the way real estate is sold.  Real estate is static.  Businesses are dynamic, living things.  If you do not sell a business the smart way, then you are leaving money on the table and risking that your business will fail after it is acquired.