Midsize Firms (Profit Over $500k)

Midsize firms with over $500,000 in profit (after a reasonable owner’s salary) can be sold to many types of buyers.  These include strategic acquirers, financial buyers, search funders, independent entrepreneurs, or a current employee of the firm.

Here are the methods we use to find buyers:  

First, Next Bridge Advisors and its affiliate is connected directly to 29,000 buyers.  

Second, we receive buyer referrals from our colleagues at other firms. Through these referrals, we indirectly have access to over 100,000 buyers.  

Third, we will advertise your business online in a fully confidential way, so that no one can determine that your specific business is for sale.  

Fourth, we make a list of companies that we think would have a strategic interest in acquiring your business.  We reach out to them by phone, email, and LinkedIn with personalized messages.